One-of-a-Kind Gifts for Dad this Father's Day

As Father's Day approaches, the hunt to find the perfect gift for your dad is nearing. Finding a present for the guy you've looked up to all your life isn't easy, and it's a lot of pressure. But we have good news! Here at Savannah Bee, we have various unique Father's Day gifts that will surely make your dad feel appreciated.

Tom and Ted Dennard Gift Set: Our 16 oz bourbon coffee, a handcrafted Savannah Bee mug, Tom's new book, and our best-selling 12 oz tupelo honey. What more do we have to say? This is the perfect gift for the dad, who is a coffee connoisseur. Our bourbon coffee includes Savannah Bee's very own wildflower honey, making it a smooth and flavorful cup of Joe to start any dad's day. This is the coffee gift set your dad needs to make this Father's Day the best one yet.

Grilling Dad Gift Set: The grilling dad gift set is a must-have for the dad who is considered the grill master of your family. Treat him to all the grilling favorites he'll need to add some sizzle and flavor this Father's Day, using our signature sauces and seasonings. This bundle includes a Savannah Bee branded cooler, spatula, tongs, 12 oz Honey For The Grill, 10 oz Bow Tie Habenero Honey BBQ, 6 oz Southern Soul Dust Dry Rub, and a silicone basting brush.

Party Dad Gift Set: To the dad who is always down for a good party, give him everything he would need to claim his title as "neighborhood's best host." All of our best-selling party favorites in one bundle, this gift set includes an 8 x 12 inch Wine Barrel Platter Board, 12.3 oz raw honeycomb, a honeycomb knife, and a Platters and Board book. The raw honeycomb includes acacia honey primarily, giving it subtle hints of vanilla and making it the most delicious and impressive party centerpiece when featured on our wine barrel platter board, of course.

Outdoor Dad Gift Box: Whether you need to keep your dad's drink ice cold this Father's Day or shade his eyes from the sun, this gift set includes everything he will need to spend his day at the place he loves most, the great outdoors. The outdoor dad bundle consists of a Savannah Bee Company foldable koozie, black polarized Knockaround sunglasses, a Nike golf Savannah Bee Company hat, and a Tupelo Honey Lip Balm. Our tupelo honey lip balm will give your dad all the benefits of organic beeswax, pure propolis, and nourishing royal jelly to make sure his lips stay moisturized in the summer heat. At the same time, the black polarized Knockaround sunglasses protect his eyes.

Clean Dad Gift Set: Give your dad the TLC he deserves this Father's Day. This gift set is perfect for the dad who is a busy worker bee. The clean dad bundle includes our lemongrass spearmint honey hand soap, beeswax salve, a nail brush, and a Kavu Toiletry Bag. Our soap washes away dirt and grime while the beeswax salve moisturizes his rough, distressed hand, and the Kavu Toiletry Bag holds all of his new favorite honey skincare products. 

Mead Making Kit: For the dad who loves to DIY. Our Mead Making Kit comes with yeast and yeast nutrients, as well as a 1-gallon carboy, an airlock, a rubber stopper, a siphon, thermometer tape, a funnel, and detailed instructions for producing a gallon batch. Bee sure to purchase a bottle of honey to make this gift complete. 

Cedar Hand Care Products: Its warm, woodsy, rustic aroma brings to mind long hikes in the woods or camping and is perfect for dad! Cedarwood essential oil is a natural anti-fungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and astringent. It's the perfect companion to the other incredible ingredients in our Beeswax Hand Cream.