Make Lemonade: A 30 Day Challenge

The challenge: to wake up every morning for thirty days and down a concoction of hot water, lemon juice, and a spoonful of Tupelo honey.


SB_Honey_Tupelo_SetNow, I’m not the type of girl to take on thirty-day challenges, let alone shape my day around doing something that’s actually good for me and my body. So why even take on this sort of challenge? The fact that all of you will now be holding me accountable aside, this stuff is seriously good for you. And if you’re like me, not working out regularly and eating healthy only half of the time (with aspirations to be better of course) this is one easy and hopefully delicious way to close the gap between me and a super healthy lifestyle.

The friendly people over at Live Strong cite a laundry list of benefits. According to them, this beverage can prevent colds, loosen congestion, raise the level of immune-enhancing antioxidants in the blood, prevent disease, give you longer lasting energy, cleanse the body of waste, lower cholesterol…the list goes on and on. Not only that, but this powerful combo has been claimed to aid in weight loss – mobilizing the extra fat deposits in your body and allowing them to be used as energy. But don’t take my word for it – at least not right now. I’ll be drinking this religiously every morning (I promise!) and in thirty days I’ll check back in with you guys to let you know how it’s going. When life give you lemons, right? –


The recipe:

  • warm water
  • the juice of about half a lemon
  • raw honey (I’ll be using tupelo, my favorite raw honey! Bonus – it has a super high level of antioxidants)


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Submitted by: Nash Steele

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