Make Lemonade: A 30 Day Challenge, Part 2

SB_Honey_Charleston_12ozIn April I submitted a post about a personal challenge I decided to undertake: for thirty days I would drink a concoction of honey, lemon juice, and hot water every morning to see what kind of effect it would have on my body good, bad or somewhere in between. After religiously drinking this beverage every morning for the past thirty days (minus a few here and there, hey I’m not perfect ok?) I have to say I’m hooked! I typically used a combination of the honeys we offer at Savannah Bee, just because those are my favorite types of honey and once you go bee you can’t go back. I switched back and forth between Tupelo honey, an all-time classic honey with a higher level of antioxidants, Wildflower honey, native to Stockton, Georgia with a powerful punch of floral flavor, and the Charleston honey, which is local to my stomping grounds. I included the Charleston honey because eating wildflower honey that’s made locally in your area is said to help with pollen allergies, and after all, it’s allergy season.

Drinking honey-lemon-water did not have an immediately noticeable effect but after about a week or so I noticed a difference in how I felt in the mornings. Being a chronic coffee drinker, it was a nice change to wake up with something light and refreshing instead. It made my body feel good while coffee usually left me feeling overfull and heavy. Now don’t get me wrong, I still needed a heavy dose of caffeine to get me going in the morning, but drinking honey-lemon-water gave a glimmer of hope that maybe, after a couple more months, I wouldn’t be so dependent on caffeine. I also had several instances during the past month where I felt myself starting to get sick, when I would wake up some mornings with the sniffles or a scratch in my throat, but nothing ever came of it. I have not had a legitimate cold in months, and whether that’s due to honey-lemon-water or not remains to be seen. I’ll have to keep drinking it for a while to find out, but I’m confident it’s improving my health. And waking up in the mornings feeling refreshed, awake and invigorated from the inside out is enough to keep me drinking this every morning. To try your own honey-lemon-water concoction check out Savannah Bee to pick out your own variety of delicious, raw honey!


Submitted By: Nash Steele


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  1. Aubrey says:

    Alright ya got me Nash, now I have to try this challenge! I’ve always heard that drinking warm lemon water on an empty stomach aids in digestion and boosts your metabolism so I guess I’ll give it a shot!

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