Low Country, What?

low country boilOne morning at the farmers market a little boy came to the Savannah Bee booth and gave me a flyer for the Wilmington Island Farmers Market 2nd Annual Low Country Boil. Now I am a Michigan born and raised girl who just moved down to Savannah a couple of months ago, so when I heard the term low country boil, well let’s just say I had no idea what that meant. Yes, I did the most generic thing I could, I googled it. When pictures popped up of all this delicious food like shrimp, corn, potatoes, and sausage, I was sold. Savannah Bee contributed an item for their silent auction, so I was lucky enough to be asked to attend and see what it was all about. The marina where the event was held was perfectly decorated and you could tell right then and there it was going to be a good time. There were tons of auction items lining the perimeter of the room, with gift baskets of goodies from Friendship Coffee Company that included our honey roasted coffee, to massage packages, and the one by yours truly, Savannah Bee. There was live music by Mark Carter, lots of people who were so happy to be there, and such an amazing view from Morningstar Marinas in Thunderbolt. The food was remarkable and it was just so much fun seeing everyone come together for a local fundraiser. The rain did start falling for a couple minutes but that didn’t shut the party down. What’s a great way to end the night? With an amazing cake of course made by the local bakery Rum Runners. Everything was so amazing and everyone really enjoyed themselves. I am so glad that I was able to be a part of this fun night. Looking back on the time when I was trying to figure out what a boil was, and what I learned being there that night, I have to say that I am forever a fan of the Low Country Boil!


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