Long Live the Queen – All Thanks to Royal Jelly

Newborn Queen

The Queen Bee is a symbol of maternity and strength. She is the mother of the hive, she is a warrior from birth.  When a hive requires a new leader, worker bees create several potential new matriarchs.  They construct five to 20 prospective Queen Bees cells depending on whether the bees are superseding or swarming. The lucky larva chosen for this honor are placed in the oversized cells which are then filled with Royal Jelly – a complex protein known as “Queen Bee food.” Royal Jelly rapidly nourishes the elite fleet of princesses vying for the crown. While worker bees require 21 days of development to hatch, the Queen Bee only needs 16.

Despite their sisterhood, the first Queen Bee to emerge must destroy the other conceivable queens in their cells, warranting her position on the throne.  If two queens are born simultaneously, workers in the hive (all sisters still) thrust the twin queens into a Battle Royale.  Like all Darwinian duals – the strongest queen will survive and assume rule over the hive.

Her royal attendants work day and night to feed her, clean her, and disseminate her pheromone – creating unity in the hive. In less than two weeks, the queen will instinctively take on her imperial role, mate with multiple drones, and return to lay up to 1500 eggs per day.  She has the power to decide which ones are male (by laying an unfertilized egg), and which ones are female (by laying a fertilized egg).

A regime of Royal Jelly allows the Queen Bee’s regal reproductive organs to develop. While worker bees’ average life span expires at six weeks, the Queen Bee will live up to six years: the only difference being her diet consisting exclusively of Royal Jelly. Worker bees are only given Royal Jelly during their first three days as an egg, after which their meals are made of honey and pollen – their carbohydrate and protein – termed Bee Bread.  A concentration of proteins from pollen are used to create Royal Jelly. That is fed t o

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