Simply Soothing Lavender Honey Ice Cream Recipe


Melt away your stress one sweet spoonful at a time with no-churn Lavender Honey Ice Cream Recipe.  Simple and decadent, this frozen dessert is the best way to treat yourself on a hot summer day.

Only 15 minutes to make, four hours to freeze, and this heavenly treat can bee all yours.  Lavender is known to calm the stomach, mind, and skin.  Combined with soothing milk and honey - you'll daydream about this Lavender Honey Ice Cream Recipe long after it's gone. Don't worry, it's so easy to make you never have to run out.

1 c. Whipping Cream
14 oz. Condensed Milk
1/2 c. Lavender Honey
1 Tbsp. Vanilla Extract
pinch of salt

Feeling Extra Ingredients:
Fresh Strained Blackberry Juice (for color)
Fresh Lavender Buds
1/4 c. Whole Milk

Whip cream until peaks form
Gently fold in condensed milk, vanilla extract, salt, and Lavender Honey
Freeze 4 hours

dsc_9083-2Feeling Extra Directions:
For color, strain fresh blackberry juice into the mix
For extra lavender flavor: simmer 1/4 c. milk with fresh lavender buds for five minutes. Strain, cool, add to mix
Freeze four hours

You won't bee•lieve how easy it is.dsc_9163-2

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