Land Beyond the Sea

Land Beyond the Sea


Ted in Bee Garden

Ted and a few of his friends!

It is a fantastic place filled with treasures, pleasures and dreams.  This place is where your wispy life’s aspirations live before you make them incarnate.  They reside over the horizon, and you have to believe in them so much that you will risk everything to find them.  This is when the magic happens. Happenstance events and meetings begin to take place that lead you a little closer.  Helpers show up to guide you on your way.  You aren’t so much finding your dream as you are creating it- this dream child your gut and heart yearn for. This dream drives your relentless efforts to bring it into being.  The resulting creation ends up looking different than you first thought it would when you began the journey, but it has inherited your eyes as well as your soul.

I have been chasing my dream for 12 years now.  It is truly a phenomenal creation born of passion and pursued with dogged determination.  I believed in an idea of a honey company, Savannah Bee Company. I could see it so clearly in my mind, but I had a much harder, longer labor to manifest the company than I expected. Hundreds of employees have helped bring this into existence.  So did thousands of retail stores and millions of consumers buying our honey products.  Sometimes I felt like Odysseus. What seemed an easy task took 12 years to realize.  Lord knows, like the Odyssey, there have been unforeseen challenges blocking the way. When growing a company, many of your goals change by the time you are poised to achieve them.  Then you have to shift your focus.  A growing business constantly changes and you find yourself having to always create new ways of handling those changes.  When starting out I had just myself and the bees to worry about.  My vision to create a Bee Company back then was very different than my current vision.  At first I thought I would have up to 100 beehives, some wholesale accounts and possibly a Savannah Bee retail store.  I would be the one doing it all.  Now, more than 60 people work for Savannah Bee Company, and we have four retail stores, a website and well over 1,000 wholesale customers that sell our nearly 100 products.

My dream has pretty much been solidified into reality.  I have arrived at that distant and fantastic shore I knew was out there. As I look around, I am much more pleased with it than the original vision I held. This business is very much an entity unto itself.  Savannah Bee Company is a living, breathing, money-eating, fun, creative, and educational creature.  Perhaps I sired Savannah Bee Company, but it is so much more than me. As Kahlil Gibran wrote in the book The Prophet:

Your children are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.

…You are the bows from which your children

as living arrows are sent forth”.

So here I am looking back toward the old shore and the journey I took to get here.  Am I ready to string up my hammock and enjoy the place?  No.  I am envisioning another, bigger Island over the horizon, beyond the water’s edge.  It is filled with the most amazing and wonderful marvels.  I am readying my sails and making a list of provisions to take me there.  This time I hope to have a more straightforward journey but one that holds no less wonder and serendipity than my last voyage.  The best news is that I have a seasoned crew on board, multi-talented and energized to take to that distant possibility.




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