How to Pair Honey and Cheese

A cheese board isn't complete without honey's smooth texture and light sweet taste - it's the perfect homage to your fromage.  The best honey and cheese pairings complement one another to create a delicate balance of the five taste groupings: sweet, salty, bitter, tangy, and umami (aka savory).

Watch our Honey Tasting Video or check the tasting notes on each Honey's page for a flavor profile.  Try a smooth buttery honey like Tupelo Honey to soften a stronger, tangy blue cheese.  Use textured honeys like Acacia Honeycomb or Whipped Honey to support soft cheeses like brie.  More complex caramel honeys- like Sourwood's symphony of flavors -are amazing when paired with a nutty cheddar or manchego.

You're the Cheese to my Honey

Honey and Cheese

Grande Reserve Champagne Cheddar Cheese
(Firm, Nutty, Tart)
perfect for
Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve
(or Sourwood Honey)
(Maple-Spice Caramel)

Triple Crème Goat Brie
(Rich, Creamy, Soft)
pairs with
Acacia Honeycomb
(Textured Vanilla Sunshine)

Blue Saint Agur
(Silky, Robust, Tangy)
Tupelo Honey
(Mellow, Buttery, Sweet)

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