Honeycomb from the Amazon Rainforest

The next time you visit one of our retail stores, you absolutely must sample a very special product that we are honored to be carrying: honeycomb straight from the Amazon Rainforest, produced by Africanized honeybees, and harvested by rural communities of Bolivian beekeepers.

This is the only honey currently being exported from the Amazon Rainforest -- and specifically Bolivia – to other countries. The Bolivian government also has stopped subsidizing purchases of honey.

There is a very limited supply of Amazonian Rainforest Honeycomb, and is only available in Savannah Bee Company retail stores.

So when we say we are honored to have this honeycomb, we really mean it.

Parts of the following information is from a written piece by María Loreto Eyzaguirre of E&O Global, an exporter of non-traditional food products produced in South America and the supplier of this honeycomb.

The Region

The Amazon region of South America contains the largest tropical rainforest on the planet. It is a vast plain of 6 million square kilometers (2,316,613 square miles), a large part of which is located in Brazil, and significant areas of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.

The Amazon Rainforest is not a homogenous formation; the terrain and landscape are varied. Not everything is dense jungle in the Amazonia. As soon as the humidity decreases, the forest mantle opens up, and a grassy plain or Savanna often appears.

This ecoregion has the greatest biodiversity in the world, and Bolivia is where the Andean Altiplano meets the Amazon Basin. The region is characterized by its wealth of biodiversity and freedom from pollution fallout and chemical residue contaminants.

This honeycomb is a mixture of harvests produced in two distinct areas: 1) the Amazonian Pre-Andean tropical forests located in and around Amboró National Park near Santa Cruz, and, 2) the Amazonian transitional zone bordering the entrance to the sub-tropical Chaco area.

The Honeycomb

Multi-floral, wild, and pure, this honeycomb originates abundant natural vegetation in the tropical forest and of Eastern Bolivia. The result is a gift of unique, exceptional honey with a variety of flavors, distinct aromas, and colors.

The honeycomb ranges from a deep amber color to a lighter, golden caramel color. Some is intensely aromatic with a floral and herbaceous flavor, and some has a fruity and citrus flavor. It can be thick and sticky to only slightly viscous. That's the beauty of this honeycomb.

The Bees

Africanized honeybees that produce this special honeycomb are kept in remote, wild forest areas of the Amazon rainforest, far from cultivated and urbanized lands. The trees and flowers are free of exposure to pollutants and agricultural contaminants, and hives are completely free of pesticides and medications.

While Africanized honeybees are known mostly for being highly aggressive, they are also very disease- and parasite-resistant; therefore, beekeepers don't have to treat the hives with any chemicals, which results in perfectly clean beeswax.

The People

The Bolivian Amazonian people exhibit a strong connection to their environment and culture. This special honeycomb is produced by families, close-knit teams, or an association of beekeepers from rural communities in and around the metropolis of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

A critical factor in this honeycomb harvesting project is the adventurous spirit of the Bolivian beekeepers who were willing to step outside their comfort zone and place trust in E&O Global and others outside their community. Most had never cut honeycomb before. (Ted guided them through the honeycomb-cutting process though phone calls and emails. More on this later.)

Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in South America. If successful, this project will offer sustainable and significant commercial value and have a profound impact on the people and communities of this region.

Savannah Bee Company extends a very heart-felt "Thank You" to the beekeepers of Bolivia, who are working to protect and save the bees every single day. We admire your passion and work ethic, and we are honored to be a part of this project with you.