Honey Spiced Holiday Sangria

These two Holiday Honey Spiced Sangrias will make all of your holidays -or should we say holidaze- merry and bright.  Bring on the in-laws and all the crazy uncles. 

Tupelo Mead White Sangria

1 bottle of Mead - like Tupelo Honey Mead

1 green apple

1 red apple

1 orange - sliced


Cranberries sliced in half


- Pin cloves in orange slices, combine all ingredients, and soak at least one hour, up to overnight in fridge.  

Honey Whiskey Spiced Sangria 

1 bottle of red wine 

8oz Savannah Bee Honey Whiskey

2 oranges- sliced 

2 red apples




- Pin cloves in orange slices, combine all ingredients, and soak at least one hour, up to overnight in fridge. 

Drink, Enjoy, Cheers, Happy Holidays.