Honey Soap for the Queen Bees of Clean

We love to bee clean!  So we've developed an amazing line of Honey Soap products to bathe your body and hydrate your skin. Honey cleans so well because it creates its own Hydrogen Peroxide. Honey and beeswax are also natural humectants - meaning they attract water from the air to seal moisture in to your skin.  Available in Handmade Honey Bar Soap and a liquid Honey Hand Soap, these naturally lathering bath and body products will leave you feeling soft, fresh, and squeaky clean. With Honey and Beeswax these sweet sudsy soaps are fit for a Queen.

ob-1-of-1-4Honey Bar Soap

To formulate this beeswax based bar soap, a team of two former NASA scientists perfected their grandmother's recipe with Savannah Bee Honey. This 100 year old recipe, unlike many soaps on the market, leaves moisturizing glycerin in the formula. Glycerin is a natural byproduct of the soap making process that conditions your skin.

Palm Oil contains hard to find toctrienols.  Members of the vitamin E family, toctrienols are stronger antioxidant than other forms of the vitamin.  Our Palm oil is responsibly sourced from certified, sustainable palm orchards in Malaysia, helping to protect natural habitats for orangutans.

Available in selection of scents: Lemongrass Spearmint, Tobacco Cedar, Honey Lavender, Orange Blossom, Blackberry Rose. This Handmade Honey Soap will lovingly lather for 75 washes.

Honey Hand Soapob-1-of-3-2

A dual benefit cleanser, plant-based emulsifiers wash away dirt and grime while honey and organic aloe vera moisturize skin.  The luxurious lather in this honey soap is created by naturally derived surfactants.  Our Honey Hand soap is an effective cleanser with superior moisturizing benefits.  Made with our very own honey and certified organic aloe vera juice, we use caramel and annatto for all-natural colorants. No dyes, parabens, no sulfates, and no animal testing.  This formula is even gentle enough to wash your face.

We offer three bright fragrances: Tupelo Honey, Orange Blossom, and Blackberry.

With Love, From Honeybees

One of the most ancient animals still living today, honeybees have created a symbiotic niche in their interactions with the world. They feed solely on the offerings of flowers.  They benefit not only these plants but their entire ecosystem. Honeybees are truly a keystone species upon which so many others depend.

Every product the Savannah Bee Company creates is designed to benefit the user and is filled with the inherent goodness of one of Nature’s finest emissaries.  

Written by Queen Bee Kate Dowdle