Honey Roasted Vegetable & Avocado Buddha Bowl

Honey, this Buddha Bowl with Desert Blossom Roasted Veg is a beautiful, healthy way to fill up - day or night. Buddha bowls are named from their round buddha belly presentation and focus on balance in your meal - fuel to balance your life. Our theme at Savannah Bee this year is to Bee Balanced and this dish is definitely has us inspired. Plus they’re super fun, easy to prep ahead, and totally Instagramable.

Find your Balance:

- Toss your favorite vegetables in honey, salt lightly, and roast, grill, or bake.  We like to roast beets, corn on the cob and whole carrots on one sheet at 350F for 30 min then cut to size. Definitely line your baking sheet, the honey runoff will caramelize in the oven. 

- While your vegetables are roasting cook a cup of your favorite rice (about 20 minutes), noodles (10-15 min), potatoes, sweet potatoes, or something starchy.

- Boil an egg for protein.

- Fill the Buddha Belly Bowl with equal servings of each.

- Top with avocado for some delicious healthy fats.  Squeeze lemon juice on your avocado for a fresh, bright flavor. Lemon juice also helps with browning if you're not eating immediately - because you want to take a photo first for example and tag us in it!

- Finish with your favorite nuts, herbs, seasoning, and edible flowers if you're feeling fancy (check your local Whole foods or order online).

Enjoy the bliss-full feeling of your Buddha Bowl belly!