Four Fun and Easy Fruit and Honey Pie Recipes

We have four Sweet Summer Pie Recipes for your Independence Day Celebration this weekend.  Honey, if you prep the day before (or at least a few hours) you'll make the most bee-licious pies you've ever tried.

We're making these Fourth of July pies with our Signature Line of Artisanal Honeys from the southeast.

dsc_2031-2Tupelo Apple Pie with Traditional Crust - this is my surprise favorite. I know everyone loves Tupelo, and everyone loves Apple Pie so if I'm doing Fourth of July Pies this is a must.  I do love a challenge so I'm always excited to try a new recipe. This is the one that blew me away. I don't even like Apple Pie but This One Is So Good.  We were walking around with wedges of the pie eating it like pizza.

Peaches and Orange Blossom Crumble Top Pie- can't stop eating!  dsc_2145-2It's peach season in Georgia and I'm in love.  The Orange Blossom Honey with a squeeze of lemon keeps this recipe fresh and light.  Nothing is better than a fresh, ripe peach when you can find them.  There was a late frost in March and a lot of peach farmers lost their crop.  Unfortunately one of our Broughton Street worker bees, Lynn, is one of those farmers.  Local produce is good so if you see some, eat a peach!dsc_2147-2

Strawberries and Sourwood Topped with Love - I knew I would love this pie because Sourwood Honey is my all-time favorite honey and strawberries are my favorite fruit.  The short and sweet-  it's amazing.

Wildflower, Blackberries, and Blueberries with a Woven Crust - dsc_2044-2 Completely shocked I loved it so much.   I am not a huge fan of the seeds in blackberries or how tart blueberries can bee so I mixed the two for balance.  I was skeptical but we needed a blue pie, duh.  I let this jar soak for two days instead of one.  It's so good you might cry a little when you taste it.

Grab your favorite Fruit and Honey:

  • Fill a Mason Jar with your favorite fruit                                                                             (sliced peaches or apples, smashed and whole berries)
  • Add one (12oz.) jar of Savannah Bee Honey with a squeeze of lemon and a tablespoon of vanilla
  • Stir it up, Seal and let Sit overnight

Make your own pie crust or buy premade.  We use both.  The frozen crusts dry out too easily but the Pillsbury crust in the refrigerated section works well.  Homemade crust is the best option but not everyone has the time... or the patience.

  • In a med size bowl strain the honey juice from the fruit
  • Add 1 Tbsp. of salt
  • Add 1 c. flour (can substitute corn starch as well)
  • Fold fruit back into the mixture
  • Pour into prepared pie crust (to prep: fork bottom and bake at 350 for 9-10 min)
  • Top with favorite style crust or crumble

Bake at 350 for 60-75 minutes

Let it set for a few hours to set

Enjoy the edible perfection

Recipe by Queen Bee Kate Dowdle