Honey Butter Roasted Corn

Fall is finally here and it is time for some grilling. Savannah Bee Honey Roasted Corn is the perfect compliment to your favorite backyard entrée. This great seasonal side dish brings together the essence of sweet, salty, and best of all roasty, that will really set your barbecue apart.  The very best part about this great recipe is that it is so easy! So, don’t forget the Honey Roasted Corn this year at your harvest gathering.

This recipe was developed by food blogger Maggie Raymond just for Savannah Bee. You can check out Maggie’s other culinary creations at her blog I Honey Food. Also, please see the links below to explore Maggie’s featured Savannah Bee honey recipes.

Honey Butter:

1 stick of butter

3 Tbsp Savannah Bee Honey for the Grill


2 tsp salt

½ tsp cayenne pepper

½ tsp thyme


Whip the butter and honey together until fluffy.

Mix together the spices.

Grilling Corn:

Rip corn husks down but do not take the husks off corn completely. Take out the corn hair. Generously apply butter, honey, and spices to corn. Cover corn with husks. You may tie the husk ends together if you want. Grill corn for 20 minutes, rotating it every 5 minutes. Enjoy!

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  1. Holden says:

    I love corn and honey! With autumn soon upon us this recipe will soon be on my families table for sure! I used old-bay to cook to corn to give it a nice seafood flavor as well.

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