Honey and Cinnamon

cinnamon honey Sneak Peek - Spun Cinnamon from Savannah Bee Will Be Available Soon!

If you’re aiming to work on your health this New Year, here is a super easy suggestion, try taking a spoonful of honey and cinnamon every day. The alleged health benefits range from boosting to your immune system to curing cancer. We’re not saying that all that is true, but hey, with promises like that, why not give it a shot? And with the introduction of our brand new whipped cinnamon honey in just a few weeks, we’ll make it easy for you to get your daily dose of honey and cinnamon! This is absolutely the most delicious way to take care of yourself!  Read on to hear the world wide web's the top ten health benefits of the cinnamon and honey combination:

  • PREVENTION OF HEART DISEASE - Honey and cinnamon can prevent blockages in blood vessels.

  • HELP WITH ARTHRITIS  - Apply honey and cinnamon topically to relieve pain.

  • HELP WITH HAIR LOSS - Any balding men out there?? Apply honey and cinnamon directly to your scalp for a hair growth miracle! Maybe. Worth a try?

  • AID WITH BLADDER INFECTIONS - Honey and cinnamon together destroy bacteria in the urinary system.


  • HELPING WITH COLDS - Boost your immune system and clear the sinuses.

  • GETTING RID OF PIMPLES - Yes, it even works on acne! Apply directly to the skin overnight to clear up breakouts.

  • WEIGHT LOSS - It prevents fat from accumulating in the body.

  • COMBAT FATIGUE - Raises blood sugar to create more energy.

  • CURES CANCER - According to some recent studies in Japan and Australia. But don’t take our word for it!

Dieting? Experiencing low energy levels during the day? Losing your hair? Getting the sniffles? Honey and cinnamon can benefit nearly everyone! Did I forget to mention that the flavor of honey mixed with cinnamon is absolutely wonderful! Today we are letting our blog community in on a little secret, we have just perfected the Savannah Bee Spun Cinnamon Honey recipe and it is being bottled right now! This honey turns an ordinary piece of whole wheat toast into the best cinnamon roll you have every had! I tell you, the product development was very difficult having to taste all that cinnamon honey over and over again. :)  Try our Spun Cinnamon Honey (ingredients: honey and cinnamon) as soon as it comes out – you won’t be sorry!


Submitted By: Nash Steele