Honey and Chocolate For Valentine’s Day This Year!

Valentine's Day Honey and Chocolate

Honey and chocolate – the perfect Valentine’s Day combination!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we have an incredible line-up artisan honey and handcrafted chocolates to fit every gifting need this year, that’s right, honey and chocolate! Each year we work with Savannah-based chocolatier Adam Turoni to create the most mouth-watering honey chocolates. Don’t go another year without experiencing the combination of pure honey and honeycomb and gourmet chocolate.

Below you will find our 2017 honey and chocolate gift sets. We have designed these gifts to fit every need and every budget. Whether you need to wow a new sweetheart or lovingly thank your favorite teacher, we have the gift set for you. Each of our gift sets will arrive thoughtfully packaged and ready to give. This year bee unique and give the love of the honeybee with a Savannah Bee gift set!

Valentine's Day gift sets

Sweets for My Sweet!

Sweets for My Sweet – The Savannah Bee Sweets for My Sweet Valentine’s Day gift set is the ultimate gift for your sweetheart with a very refined sweet-tooth. This incredible gift features two 12 oz. jars of our best-selling whipped honey varieties and an assortment of Adam Turoni premium handmade chocolates. This gift will arrive packaged in a beautiful Savannah Bee gift box and ready to deliver to your sweetie!

Items included in the Sweets for My Sweet gift set are: one 12 oz. Whipped Honey Original (formerly Winter White honey), one 12 oz. jar of Whipped Honey with Cinnamon featuring Ceylon cinnamon, two Wildflower honey filled Queen Bee Chocolate Bars, three Wildflower honey Sea Salt Caramels, one Raw Honeycomb Filled Chocolate Bar, and one package of Hazelnut Honey Praline Truffles (contains 7 truffles). All of the chocolate is handmade right here in Savannah, GA by Adam Turoni, our favorite chocolatier!

The Savannah Bee Sweets for My Sweet gift set is 100% delicious and 100% impressive!

Valentine's Day Bee Mine

Please Bee Mine!

Bee Mine – All you have to do is ask, and what better way to ask than with the Savannah Bee Mine Valentine’s Day gift set. This gift set is the perfect combination of raw honeycomb, fresh whipped honey, and handcrafted chocolates. The Bee Mine gift set will arrive beautifully packaged and ready to give. All you have to do is sit back and watch the smiles you have created!

This loving gift set includes one-3 pack whipped honey sample set including Whipped Honey with Chocolate, Whipped Honey with Lemon, and Whipped Honey Original. Along with the honey, this great gift includes one 5 oz. slice of raw Acacia Honeycomb, seven Hazelnut Honey Praline Truffles, and one Honeycomb filled Chocolate Bar!

All of the chocolates in this gift set are lovingly made by hand by artisan chocolatier Adam Turoni! We think he makes the best chocolate in the world!

Valentine's Day gift set, spread the love

Spread the Love!

Spread the Love – The Savannah Bee Spread the Love Valentine’s Day gift set is the perfect combination of body care and delicious honey! This unique and elegant gift includes one large Royal Jelly Body Butter, one sweet Salted Caramel Lip Balm, and one 12 oz. jar of our mouthwatering Whipped Honey with Chocolate. This year promote radiant skin, soft supple lips, and a happy tummy!

Savannah Bee Whipped Honey with Chocolate is pure honeybee honey whipped with organic, fair trade, Peruvian cocoa powder. Did you know that pure cocoa powder is higher in antioxidants than blueberries?

Valentine's Day Tupelo Honey

You can never go wrong with Tupelo honey!

A Tupelo Treat – The Tupelo Treat Valentine’s Day gift set is southern sweetness at its finest! This gift is simple, but 100% delicious. This beautiful gift set includes one 12 oz. jar of our award winning Tupelo honey and two Wildflower honey filled handcrafted Queen Bee chocolate bars! This gift will arrive elegantly packaged and ready to present.

Our Wildflower honey filled Queen Bee chocolate bars are handmade by artisanal chocolatier Adam Turoni. This honey packed double bar and all of Adam’s other chocolates are out of this world!

Valentine's Day gifts Lil' Sweetie.

Just a little something special!

Lil’ Sweetie – The Lil’ Sweetie Valentine’s Day gift set is the perfect little gift for that special someone. This unique gift includes one 3 oz. jar of our best-selling Chocolate Whipped Honey and one lip smacking Salted Caramel Beeswax Lip Balm. This gift is the perfect combination of sweet and salty!

This gift will arrive neatly packaged in a small jute drawstring bag and is ready to give. The Lil’ Sweetie Valentine’s Day gift set is perfect for your favorite teacher or a great thank you for a dependable co-worker!

Our Whipped Honey with Chocolate is 100% pure Wildflower Honey spun with organic, fair trade, Peruvian cocoa powder. This honey variety is truly delicious and nutritious!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Savannah Bee and don’t forget the honey and chocolate!


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