Haney's Famous Hot Pepper Honey

Want to add a little spice to your life? Honey, we've got the recipe!  Our CFO, Mark Haney, makes the best Hot Pepper Honey this side of the Mississippi so we're celebrating Cinco de Mayo with some sweet heat.  

Pick your favorite flavor of pepper not just a chart topper on the Scoville scale - currently the Mike Smith's Dragon Breath chili- unless that's what you're into. We are using jalapeƱos with Orange Blossom but you can try any. Scotch Bonnets in Tupelo, Sweet Chilis in Sourwood, and Pimento in Honey for Cheese are all combinations we love. Honey is the perfect vehicle for super spicy peppers - it is often used as the antidote for a capsaicinoid overdose. Pepper's got your  tongue? Put some honey on it. 

This DIY Hot Pepper Honey makes an excellent unique gift for anyone who likes the spice.  Serve over cream cheese as an appetizer or with goats cheese, candied pecans, and crackers. 

You'll Need: 

12 oz Honey

1 c peppers

extra jar for overflow

How To

The trick to making an excellent Hot Pepper Honey is the heat, literally and figuratively:  

Slice peppers (of your choice) in half - remove seeds and stem. 

Pour a 12 oz jar of Orange Blossom Honey (or the honey of your choice) into a skillet over low heat and add peppers. Don't worry about getting every drop out, you'll pour the warm honey right back in. 

Heat the honey and peppers for 10-20 min, do not boil. Watch carefully and turn off the heat if it starts to boil.

Remove from heat and let cool.

Use tongs to place peppers in honey jar, then pour honey over peppers and let cool. 

Serve now or save for later.