Growing Up Eating Honey in the South


Southerners are spoiled in so many ways, beautiful weather, great mountains, warm sandy beaches, and friendly people to mention just a few. Another, not so obvious way southern folk are spoiled is that we all grow up eating the world’s best honey!

Tupelo FlowerThe rich soils and temperate climate of the southeastern United States are the foundation for one of the planet’s most fantastic floral displays. Almost everything in the South flowers, and where there are flowers, there is honey.

Honey in the southern states can change dramatically from region to region. I grew in the Appalachian Mountains on the Tennessee and Georgia border. In this area, children are raised on Sourwood honey. To this day, Sourwood honey remains my favorite honey. When Sourwood honey is harvested, it has a brilliant lavender hue. Sourwood honey slowly darkens in the jar over time. The taste of Sourwood honey sends me back through the decades of my life to the buttermilk biscuits I ate for breakfast as a small child.

Folks down here in Southern Georgia are partial to Tupelo honey, and for good reason! Tupelo honey is smooth, rich, and buttery. Nothing tastes like Tupelo honey. Raw Tupelo honey is the standard by which all other honey varieties are measured. Georgia is also known to produce some of the world’s finest Wildflower honey. Georgia Wildflower honey tastes like it just dripped out of the comb even after a year in a jar. It is the most fantastically resilient honey I have ever met and compliments nearly everything!

Travel a little deeper into the south and you arrive in Orange Blossom country. Orange Blossom honey is the sweetest of all honeys and is a Florida staple. I think of it as the candy of honeys. If you have a sweet tooth, then Orange Blossom honey is perfect for you!

Some people ask me, “isn’t honey just honey?” The answer is heck no, especially if you’re from the South. If this story whets your appetite for honey, I recommend the Southern Selections Gift Set. It includes a 12oz. jar of Sourwood, Orange Blossom, Wildflower, and Tupelo honey. I would love to know which honey is your favorite!

Submitted By: Brantley Crowder

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    My favorite southern honey??? You! 😉

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