Gold Reserve Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Reserve 72 DPI Hi and thanks for taking a moment to learn more about the Gold Reserve Tupelo honey.

Basically I’ve been making Tupelo honey for around 17 years and for whatever reason the honeybee or the Tupelo angels shined on one of the bee yards last year.

What makes it so special? Never have I seen the taste of the Tupelo carry through once it was extracted.

This Tupelo honey tastes like the blossom and I know that because I taste the blossom.

Out of 170 barrels of Tupelo honey, there were five from my original ‘Tupelo bee yard’ that were just too good to be true and too good to bottle.

I sat on it for one year and finally decided to release it this summer.

While honey doesn’t typically age well, this one has carried through perfectly over the past year.

As an aside, I learned some years ago that you can freeze honey and it will retain its fresh taste.

I intend to intern around 200 of these bottles in a freezer as private stock!

This honey was made on the Altamaha River about an hour from Savannah. A beautiful place with ancient Tupelo trees growing along the water’s edge with buttressed trunks and medusa-like limbs rising up into the sky. The property is an old fish camp.

We are dressing this bottle up with a letter-press label made on a 1930’s letter press as well as dipping the top of the bottle in Tupelo beeswax to seal it.

We finish off the bottle with a wax seal imprinted with a bee on the neck of the bottle.

And then we have developed a round, wooden box that looks like an ancient scroll with a leather closure to present this treasure as it should be.

The moisture of the special honey is a little bit high for Tupelo honey at around 18% vs the usual 17%.

Lots of pollen will rise into the neck but that is the good stuff. Not crazy amounts but enough to make a ring on the neck of the bottle and to show that it is still a raw honey.

We developed a long wooden spoon made of cherry wood that can reach to the bottom of the bottle and will allow for mess-free dispensing.

Tupelo Resesrve Label 72 DPIThere were only 2250 of these bottles made. Each are hand signed by me (no big deal but shows I stand behind it). Also they are numbered 1 of 2250 or 2 of 2250…

I honestly hate to sell them but at the same time I hate to keep hoarding it.

In summary, it’s the best Tupelo I’ve ever seen and is being lovingly packaged by our highest tier managers here (me and at least two of the 5 directors while of course having a bit of a party as we hand dip, hand label and hand stamp the bottles).

I think you’ll love it. The honeybees sure did. They visited 2.5 million flowers for each bottle.

When we exhibited it in NYC we had people saying we should charge 500 dollars!

I think you’ll love it.

I know I do.




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  1. peter says:

    I just got back from Fustini’s Oil shop in Ann Arbor. They said your 2015 Gold Reserve was a worrisome and your 2014 was WONDERFUL.

    Do you have any of the 2014 left?
    Would it be better simply to wait for the 2016 vintage?

    How is that looking and when might it be ready?

    many thanks – your friend and fan
    [email protected]

    1. brantley says:

      I’m guessing you are talking about the 2014 Tupelo Honey which was awesome but sold out. The Gold Reserve was exceptional but pricey and also sold out from my end. However, in my opinion, the 2016 Tupelo honey is as good as any I have tasted. It is available now and we have a pretty solid inventory. I should have 2016 Tupelo honey through March 2017 or so. Thanks for the great question and enjoy some Tupelo honey!

  2. Karen Monette says:

    What is the difference between the Tupelo Reserve and the sourwood honey?

    1. brantley says:

      Hi Karen, thanks for the great question! The Gold Reserve collection represents the very best single varietal honey available. We know and work with a lot of great small business beekeepers and apiaries. As a result, we are exposed to some of the very best small batch honey. Occasionally, conditions are just perfect for honey production and honey frames fill up quickly with top notch honey. When this happens, these beekeepers will contact us and see if we are interested in the product. At this point, we will request and receive a honey sample which we send to a lab in Germany to be tested for purity and whole pollen count. If the honey really is something special, we will purchase it for our Gold Reserve line.

      The first honey to make this classification was the Tupelo Gold Reserve (now sold out). This honey was fantastic but very expensive. We were not sure if there was even a market for this honey because of the high price. So, we bottled it and took it to market. The honey sold out! So we knew that we did have customers who would pay for the really really good stuff. Shortly after we found a Sourwood honey of similar quality and decided to market a Sourwood Gold Reserve. It is currently on sale and nearing it end also.

      So, the honey varieties are different but the incredible quality is the same. Really any single varietal honey could make the Gold Reserve line, it’s just a matter of quality. Each year is so exciting because we never know what the season will bring. Perhaps this year we may have an Orange Blossom or Lavender honey Gold Reserve?

  3. Tim vera says:

    I like a lot of honey Tupelo Honey it’s for the best I am anxious to try the gold Tupelo

  4. Andy says:

    Hi I purchased a bottle of the reserve in the store outside of tybee, bottle #0470 and noticed on line that it was supposed to come with a spoon and we didn’t receive one. Is there a way to get a replacement? Also we were there in September of 2014 thanks Andy

    1. brantley says:

      Hello Andy, please email [email protected] One of our customer service representatives will be able to help you! Thanks and I hope you enjoyed the honey.

  5. al says:

    Hi I ordered your honey. I was wondering how long it will keep for once it’s open at room temperature. I thought honey really did not go bad.

    1. brantley says:

      Hi Al, honey is very low in water and is saturated with the sugars glucose and fructose which makes it very resistant to microbial activity. This Tupelo will be fine on the counter at room temperature for several years. In a few years it may granulate slightly giving it a fine gritty texture but it will still be delicious! Although, Tupelo honey is typically very resistant to crystallization. Have a great day!

  6. Clint says:

    Sounds wonderful. Is the 20oz bottle based on weight or liquid?

    1. brantley says:

      Greetings! The Gold Reserve is outstanding, a rare treat indeed! All of our honeys are sold by weight rather than volume. Thanks for the great question.

    2. Holden says:

      The tupelo gold bottle is 20 fluid ounces and by far the best honey I’ve found in my 20+ years of beekeeping

  7. lina says:

    So how much honey is actually in this bottle?

    1. brantley says:

      Tupelo reserve is sold in a 20oz. flute bottle. This honey is really something special!

  8. Dennis Jordan says:

    Best. Honey. Ever.

    I just received a bottle this past weekend weekend (#120), and it is the best honey my wife and I have ever tasted.

    Truly phenomenal.

    We wish to thank you (and the bees) for your efforts. The bottles, craftsmanship and packaging are beautifully presented, and the honey itself is like sunshine in a bottle…

    We are extremely grateful you have given us the opportunity to share in experiencing such a remarkable honey!

  9. Joe Odenweller says:

    Love your store, reading your site & still want your Honey churn sign. lol

  10. Pamela Bonino says:

    I have to try a couple of bottles of your (and the bees) splendid achievement. What do you think the shelf life on the honey would be stored in a wine cellar at 65° F. ?

    BTW, at what event do you present your honey in NY ?

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