​Giving Back to the Bees and the Community

Honeybees are so much more important than many people realize. They not only produce the honey we use, but they also pollinate a great deal of the food we eat. Honeybees go about their daily lives benefiting everything around them. But for honeybees, and pollinators in general, the plight for survival today is real.

We couldn't bear the thought of a world without honeybees and so we took action to make a difference. In 2013, Savannah Bee Company started a not-for-profit hat helps mentor the next generation of beekeepers and spread an appreciation of bees all around the world.

The Bee Cause Project seeks to foster a love of bees and beekeeping in young people by installing observation hives in schools worldwide. The hives provide students with a literal window into the world of honeybees. The bees build their hives between plexiglass panes that allow kids to see right into the working honeybee system. The project provides educational services and hands-on experiences to students, while also spreading honeybee awareness. Those young people working with the hives develop a love of bees as a way of life.

"In 2013, I helped start The Bee Cause Project to spread the magic and wonder of bees as a way to inspire and educate the next generation of beekeepers. We want to change the way people think about bees, to give a window into the honeybee world and how they benefit everything they touch,” says Ted Dennard, Savannah Bee Company founder.

When Ted was learning about beekeeping as a young boy, all the bees swarming around his head made him nervous. However, the sight of sunlight streaming through a frame of honeycomb held up to the sky made Ted fall in love with bees. Ted’s experience sparked a life-long passion to protect these tiny creatures, a passion that shaped Savannah Bee Company and The Bee Cause Project.

The first Bee Cause hives were in schools in Charleston, SC, and more than 300 hives have since been installed in all 50 states and four countries. The goal is to install 1,000 observation hives all over the world. The nonprofit wants kids of all ages to understand they can help save the bees everywhere by doing things locally in their own communities.

The Bee Cause Project seeks to start a conversation with kids about honeybees and how to protect them, to help young people understand, engage with, and learn from honeybees. It helps them recognize where their food comes from and how bees are responsible for a healthy food system. The project also gives youth opportunities to connect with the natural environment while also developing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) skills. Once students start taking care of the hives, they start caring about the bees.

“The way to make change, especially lasting change, is education and awareness. If we can raise those two things, especially with the next generation—that’s where you’re really going to get some traction,” says Ted.

If you'd like to help the cause, our website and retail stores have several Bee Cause products for purchase. Part of the money from those sales goes to The Bee Cause. Visitors to our stores can also “adopt” a bee and receive an adoption certificate that allows them to name their bee and know they are donating to a worthy cause.

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