Everything You Need in a Honey Shop - All in One Place

Honey is a powerful natural product that has been used historically for many years and continues to be used in the modern-day. If you’re unfamiliar with how honey is actually characterized, it is described as a byproduct of flower nectar created by honeybees. Honey has been used in ancient medicinal practices since ancient times and has since evolved into a common household product.

Honey is primarily composed of sugars and some water. However, honey surprisingly has many naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are very good for you and can be used in many different applications.

Even the construction of the beehives such as honeycomb and other properties that are produced by honeybees are harvested and used for human consumption of some sort. If you enjoy honey, the best place to purchase some is not the generic brand from your local grocery store, when you can support a brand that provides Kosher certified, gluten-free, natural honey.

Savannah Bee Company is just the place for all of your honey needs. With many locations across the United States, the beekeepers and us team members at Savannah Bee Company know what we’re doing when it comes to honey.

Why Choose Savannah Bee Company?

We implore you to choose Savannah Bee Company over all other honey shops because we truly care about the honeybees we get our honey from. Our founder, Ted Dennard, learned early on the magic and whimsy that is behind the production of honey, and wanted to learn everything there is to know about how to naturally, ethically, and sustainably cultivate it.

We believe that we must do exactly how the honeybees do, with care and thoughtfulness towards the world and the environment around us. Without honeybees, our ecosystem and environment would be drab, gray, and lifeless. Honeybees continue to allow our environment and world to flourish, so we must do them justice.

Due to our love for the honeybees, we helped found The Bee Cause Project that strives to educate school children on the wonders of beekeeping. We strive to connect students with the necessary skills towards the environment and enrich them with the knowledge and importance of STEM.

Because of our dedication to the honeybees and to the honey they produce, we are continuing to keep our energy and excitement towards all of our honey-based products. At Savannah Bee Company, you can find a plethora of honey products to choose from. Whether that be our famous Tupelo Honey, our delicious honeycomb, or our honey-based body products like lip balms and lotions, we are the one-stop honey shop for all lovers of honey.

Our Favorite Products

We pride ourselves on the products we provide at our retail stores and online. We want to provide all of our customers with our delicious, high-quality honey and hope we inspire them to become adventurous and try our other products, as well.

We have many different and varying products to choose from, here are some of the few select products we hope you try from each of our lines.

Honey Products

From our best sellers list:

OrangeBlossom Honey - This light amber honey is one of our best sellers. Orange blossom honey is slightly different from traditional honey. It’s slightly sweeter, floral, and fruity, with a citrusy finishing note. If you’re a master of the kitchen, particularly with baking, this honey would pair well with many of your favorite recipes.

Acacia Honey - This lightly colored honey reigns from the delicate nectar of Acacia from Europe. The mellow sweetness of this honey pairs beautifully with light teas and other airy desserts.

Beauty Products

Honey is also a great addition to any cosmetic or beauty product. Its medicinal qualities make for a great nourishing and moisturizing ingredient for your skincare routine.

Honey Almond Beeswax Hand Cream - For people that struggle with dry skin, especially in the colder months, this hand cream is the perfect remedy. This hand cream contains royal jelly, beeswax, propolis, and honey, an incredible combination of ingredients for your skin.

Beeswax Heel Balm - It’s common that some areas on our skin can get dehydrated and start to crack. With the beeswax heel balm, you can easily soften up that dry and cracked skin and reveal beautiful, youthful-looking skin with the help of this product.

Overall, our beloved honey shop is the perfect place to venture out for all of your honey needs.