5 Things Drones and Dads Have in Common


Father’s Day is on the way! Just as much as we need Dad in our lives, Hives wouldn’t be complete without Drones. Being the only men in the Hive can be hectic at times but Drones are just right for the job! In honor of Father’s Day, here are some things Drones have in common with your favorite guy--Dad!

Drones Rock “Dad-bods”
At 15-17mm long, Drones are slightly smaller than the Queen. However, they tend to be heavier with a rounder body shape. That just means there’s more to love.

Drones Only Have Eyes for one Queen
Dad has his special lady, Drones only mate with one Queen! Not the queen in their hive though, because that's his mom.  He only has eyes for his wifey-Queen, but did you know that Drones actually have significantly bigger eyes than worker bees? Larger eyes make it so they can better find the Queen on a mating flight.

They Love A Home Cooked Meal
Dads always love a home cooked meal - exactly like Drones who are fed a home cooked diet of pollen and honey (known as bee bread) by worker bees. Not only do they love this delicious combo, but it keeps them healthy and strong.

These Guys Put Their Hive First
You can always count on Dad to take care of home.  Though a Drone’s primary job is to mate with the Queen, they help around the Hive when help is needed. When a hive drops below proper temperature limits they help worker bees keep the hive warm by shivering and generating heat for the hive.

They’re Essential!
Just as Dad is a fundamental part of our lives, Drones are indispensable. They might not have quite as many responsibilities as worker bees, but they’re just as important! Drones are a key component to keeping the equilibrium of a hive.

Bee sure to give a big hug to the Drone in your life, and from all of us at Savannah Bee Company:  Happy Father’s Day!

By: Tyler Brockington
Savannah Bee Educator in Charleston

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