Checking in From Charleston – The Spoleto Festival

Charleston Spoleto FestivalIt’s that time of year again, the weather’s turning from warm to hot and downtown Charleston is beginning to fill with talented artists from all over the world. The Spoleto Festival, also known as the world’s premier performing arts festival, will be hosting their 38th annual event, and this year it’s going to be big. The festival runs from May to June and promises roughly 150 spectacular performances ranging from music of all types to dance to theater to opera and even visual art.

This year Spoleto is most exciting for us at Savannah Bee because one of our own little bees, Chloe, has taken some time off to work at the festival sewing costumes for the various performances. Not only is she one of our favorite honey experts, but also an amazingly talented seamstress and costume craftsman. Chloe dropped off some of our brand-new Orange Blossom products to the folks at the festival as a gift from Savannah Bee, and everyone was excited to try them out! From what I’ve heard the exfoliating orange blossom body wash is getting great reviews, especially for its bright citrus scent! If you’re in the Charleston area during May or June check out some of the awesome Spoleto events and don’t forget to stop by the store to try out some of the new orange blossom line!

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