Charleston Bee Cause Project

One of the most inspiring things about working for the Savannah Bee Company is our partnership with the Bee Cause Project. Savannah Bee and the Bee Cause Project were founded by Ted Dennard and from the very beginning, educating people about honeybees and their essential contribution to our ecosystem has been the core mission of the company.

Several years ago, we all watched the idea of the Bee Cause Project become a reality as the first observation beehive was installed in the first school. Today over 175 beehives have been installed across the country. We believe that education creates advocacy and that advocacy is the foundation of change. Through the Bee Cause Project, today’s students will become tomorrows beekeepers and the stewards of our beautiful planet.

Check out this wonderful video below featuring one of the Bee Cause Project schools in Charleston, SC. Also, please contact the Bee Cause Project if you know a school that could use a beehive!


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