Best Damn Grilled Tomato Bloody Mary You've Ever Made

To create the Best Damn Bloody Mary You've Ever Made- we curated a team of highly skilled, borderline alcoholic taste-makers at Savannah Bee to craft the greatest recipe this side of the sun.  It has all the flavors - perfectly complimenting, balancing, and elevating one another. The salty sweet Candied Bacon, the acidity and heat from the Pickled Green Beans, and the smoky spice of grilled tomatoes and jalapenos create a perfectly seasoned storm of flavor worth savoring.  This libation is a labor of love but it is worth every second.

We sourced responsibly raised, local produce to make this Bloody Mary and its amazing accoutrements.  While Sourwood Honey is our favorite ingredient, this recipe also features vodka from Ghost Coast Distillery - born from revelry - right here in Savannah.  Bee on the lookout for another mind-numbingly delicious collaboration between our two tasty brands in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy making the Best Damn Bloody Mary you've ever tasted.

Have you ever asked someone, "Is it spicy?"  and they happily reply "no, not at all!"  -  then as you trustingly try the dish in question you realize it is, in fact, the spiciest thing you've ever put in your mouth and you want to dive into a bucket of buttermilk just to make the fire in your face stop burning?  That's because 'spicy' is very relative.  In this recipe we give you a fabulously flavorful place to start - it's up to you to taste along the way and determine whether or not to stop shy or add more to your liking.  Baking has never been so fun.


Hot Pickled Green Beans:
Green beans
3-5 garlic cloves – smashed
1/2 c. Sourwood Honey
2 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar
2 Limes
Thai chili peppers

Candied Bacon:
Sourwood Honey
Rice Vinegar
Pepper – if you like it

Bloody Mary:
3lbs Roma Tomatoes
3 Jalapenos
1 small sweet onion
Sourwood Honey for drizzling
Worcestershire - 10-20 shakes
2 Tbsp. Horseradish
2 Lemons
Cracked black pepper
1/3 c. Pickle Juice

You can serve Hot Pickled Green Beans with Sourwood Honey immediately, but they are even better when they've had time to marinate.  Consider making these the night before. Get the full recipe for Hot Pickled Green Beans on our blog here.

Candied Bacon with Sourwood Honey is my personal all-time favorite. I 'had to' eat a pound of it to make this video and cried tears of joy after every bite.   Get the full recipe for Candied Bacon on the blog here.

Now for the Grilled Tomato Bloody Mary!bloody-mary-12-of-12

Preheat grill on medium heat
Core and half 3lbs of Roma Tomatoes, 3 jalapenos, cut small onion in half and peel
Season with salt and pepper
Drizzle *lightly* with Sourwood Honey - you want to balance the acidity of the tomatoes without over sweetening
You can cook tomatoes directly on the grate, pan, or in a veg basket, just brush the surface with olive oil so the tomatoes don't stick
Arrange tomatoes, onion, and jalapenos skin side down (cut side up) on grill over medium heat
Cover and cook until skin chars with grill marks, about 5 min.
Flip and let tomatoes continue to cook until sagging, about 10 more min.
Don't grill? Don't worry- roast product in the oven at 350 for 1 hour

Load cooked veggies into blender and blend with:
Worcestershire - 10-20 shakes
Horseradish - 2 heaping tablespoons

Lemon juice - 2 lemons
Salt to taste
Cracked black pepper
Sriracha sauce - 1/4 cup to start, add more to taste
Pickling Mix from green beans - 1/3 cup
Pickle Juice - 1/3 cup

Blend. Garnish. Enjoy

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Recipe by Queen Bee Kate Dowdle