Bee Healthy, Eat Local!

Well we are a good way into farmer’s market season. Recently at the market there has been a lot of buzz about eating local foods. I have to say I was not a big local person when I lived back up north, as I just did not think about it too much. Being here at the market now and hearing what the local farmers have to say has turned my fridge into a local produce palace. Here are just a couple reasons why I switched to buying local:

  1. Local foods are fresher. They aren’t being flown in or sitting in a truck while on a cross country adventure. You always know the local products are going to be picked close to wilming island farmers marketthe day you are getting them. Lots of farmers will tell you when exactly everything is picked- the corn I buy is picked 2 days before I buy it at the market on Saturdays.
  2. Local foods help the local farmers. Our local farmers put their heart and soul into their farms and gardens, why not help them out so you can keep getting those yummy veggies!
  3. Eating local foods promotes better safety. Since it is coming from somewhere closer to you, you don’t have to worry about how many hands or places your fruits have been and how many times it could have been subject to contamination while coming from out east.
  4. There’s a sweet sense of community when you are buying local foods. Take the Wilmington Island Farmers Market for example. I go every Saturday and the produce man knows me by name. He even recommends recipes or different veggies that I usually don’t get but he thinks I would enjoy. You can carry on a conversation about anything with just about anyone. Everyone is there for a common purpose: to get local foods and help those local farmers. It really just gives a great atmosphere that is relaxing and not stressful like the grocery store is sometimes.

Still not sure about eating local? There are always farmers markets that you can go look at and get a feel for. Plus they are free! Ours here in Savannah are the Wilmington Island Farmers Market and the Forsyth Park Farmers Market. If you can’t find any in your area, just Google farmers markets around you. For all us Georgia peaches, another source is Eat GA. Let’s help out the local farmers!


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