Bee Green: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

Earth Day gives us the perfect opportunity to share our favorite ways to Bee Green: reduce waste, reuse what we can, and recycle what we can't reuse. Here are some of our favorite ways to reuse Savannah Bee's gorgeous glass jars.

Have you ever tasted what must bee the most delicious avocado in the whole world? Next time save the seed!  Our Royal Jelly Body Butter jars are perfect for starting avocado seeds.



In the Kitchen reuse our 12oz Honey Jars to:

  • store leftover produce like olives, chopped onions, and tomatoes

  • hold you dish brush

  • keep dried herbs, spices, and loose-leaf teas fresh


They make gorgeous flower vases as well.

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Reuse Mini Body Butter Jars, Hand Cream Jars, and 3oz Honey Jars which make excellent storage containers for

  • Lip Balms

  • Keys

  • Paper Clips

  • Thumb tacks

  • Hair Pins

  • Sewing needles

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At Savannah Bee Company we make environmentally friendly choices every day to cut down on excess materials, recycle and minimize our ecological footprint for this beeutiful earth we live on.

Shipping and Packaging

  • We use only 100% recycled cardboard shipping boxes for all shipping needs.

  • All used shipping boxes are repurposed within the company whenever possible.

  • All waste materials generated through the production/shipping are recycled through a local Savannah recycling company. This includes all boxes, packaging materials, paper, bottles, and caps.

  • Our shipping and packaging facilities utilize passive climate control methods including white-washed roofing, eco-friendly insulation, and large fan air circulation.

Retail Stores

  • All utensils used in our stores, honey bars, and mead bars are 100% post-consumer recycled products.

  • All glass, cardboard, packing materials and paper produced in our retail stores is recycled.

  • High-efficiency lighting is used throughout our stores.

  • All Savannah Bee apparel is sourced from the USA. All materials, inks, and dyes are either organic or sustainably sourced.

  • Savannah Bee constructs all honey tasting bars and mead bars from recycled barn wood

Read more about Savannah Bee's Mission of Sustainability at