Baked Brie with Pears, Almonds, and Wildflower Honey

Baked Brie with Wildflower Honey

The Perfect Combination!

Brie is a creamy cow’s milk cheese that originated in France. Its buttery flavor pairs well with many ingredients, but my absolute favorite dish to use it in is Baked Brie. You can use any in-season fruits, veggies, nuts, and herbs you have on hand. For today’s dish, I pulled some fresh rosemary from the garden, and picked up some Bosc pears and almonds. After roasting the pears and toasting the almonds, I wrapped the ingredients together in Phyllo dough and drizzled on some of Savannah Bee’s Wildflower honey. Any pure and raw honey would have worked, but I felt the classic, richness of Wildflower suited this dish best.

Baked Brie is easily one of the most versatile dishes to make – the hard part is deciding whether to serve it as an appetizer or a dessert!


What You’ll Need:


Baked Brie 2 with WIldflower honey

Savory, Sweet, and Delicious!

What You Do:

  1. Roast the sliced pears at 425˚ in a shallow dish of water for about 10 minutes or until they become soft and somewhat translucent.
  2. Spread the almonds across a shallow baking sheet and bake with the pears, but only leave them in the oven for 3 minutes or they will burn. They should look and smell toasted.
  3. On another baking sheet, spread out the thawed Phyllo dough and place the wheel of Brie in the center of the dough.
  4. Pile the roasted pears and toasted almonds onto the wheel of Brie and drizzle wildflower honey over the top. Sprinkle in the fresh herbs.
  5. Fold the corners of the Phyllo dough over each other to cover the Brie. Brush with egg white to seal the pastry dough.
  6. Bake at 400˚ for 15-20 minutes or until golden crust appears.
  7. Garnish with leftover almonds and honey and serve atop pear slices, crackers or baguette.



  • Substitute berries, other nuts, jams, bacon, different honeys – whatever would best fit the occasion and the season.
  • Make this dish gluten-free by eliminating the pastry dough and putting the wheel of Brie into a small baking dish instead.


Submitted By: Jess Brannen

Comments (2)

  1. Erin says:

    This looks delicious!! Is it bad if I just make this for a meal…?

  2. brantley says:

    This looks so good! I think I’ll go with some rosemary.

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