The Art of Palmetto Honey

Palmetto Honey is a favorite among beekeepers worldwide.  Known for its dark amber hue, rich texture and smokey flavor, this magnificent honey boasts extra sweet health benefits.

The Tree

Did you know there are 2,500 types of palm trees?!  To make our Palmetto Honey, honeybees visit the saw palmetto trees.  Serenoa repens, commonly known as saw palmetto, is a short palm tree whose leaves create a fan of sharp teeth giving this tree its name.  These trees have old souls as well: according to the Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce, Florida, some are up to 700 years old.  Have you ever had Heart of Palm?  The delicious, crunchy vegetable is harvested from several types of palm including the saw palmetto.

palmetto-fig-and-goat-cheese-1-of-3-2The Bees

The majestic saw palm tree blooms late April through July - usually producing nectar for the bees to collect from late June to July. When the flower blooms and produces nectar, scout bees from nearby hives will seek out these precious blooms.  It's the scout bee's job to find an abundant source of nectar nearby, then map the fastest way from the flower to the hive - aka The Bee Line!  Upon return, the Scout Bee communicates the directions to Forager Bees using the Waggle Dance.  The Waggle Dance is a series of intricate movements to communicate directions from the hive to the nectar source mapping polarized sunlight. While Forager Bees collect nectar, other bees tirelessly fan their wings. That process will dehydrate the golden nectar from 80% to 17% moisture, turning the liquid to honey. If enough saw palm trees are in bloom, honeybees all around will fill hexagon beeswax cells with this robust nectar creating pure, monofloral honey. Read more about the process of monofloral honey

The Honeypalmetto-fig-and-goat-cheese-1-of-1-4

This honey boasts an impressive amount of antioxidants for a delicious sweetener. Some recent studies compare the nutritional benefits of Palmetto honey to Manuka honey.  We may be biased but we think Palmetto honey tastes way better.

Palmetto Honey has a rich, smoky flavor that is sweet and robust.  We love it on everything from biscuits to bourbon. This honey is great in sweet tea and in glazes. Use it in a spicy mustard to glaze for grilling or a spoonful in your coffee. Try some of our Palmetto Honey recipes on the Bee Blog and let us know how much you love it!

Written by Queen Bee Kate Dowdle

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