Adios Market Season

wilmingtonWell the farmers market on Wilmington Island has officially closed for the summer. Being able to go to the farmers market this season was a great way to spend my Saturday mornings, but to be able to be a vendor and sell Savannah Bee products made it even better. I remember going to the market committee meeting and being so nervous when I sat down and had to explain why Savannah Bee wanted to come to the market. I kept thinking, “What if they say no!” The first market day rolled around and man, were people excited seeing our logo at one of the booths. Each week people would come back and say how much they enjoyed the product they bought and that they wanted more! They were also very excited to know that we had even more product at our showroom right down the road and they could go in there for a bigger buzz.

It was so great getting to know all the other vendors and the entire market committee. Everyone there is so invested in what they do and they want to make each Saturday morning a special experience for every single person. The guest chefs that came twice a month were awesome. You got to sample everything they were making, and it was delicious. The nonprofit organizations that came and did a booth each week were also fun and educational, as you got to learn about different causes in the community and find out how you can help spread awareness. My favorite part was seeing all the little kids running around after soccer practice. They knew exactly where to go for everything. Gruber Family Farm would always give the kids bananas each morning, so that was probably the most popular spot. I have to say our booth was in a tight race for 2nd place, as the kids loved being able to try the honey and the honeycomb with apples we always had out. The market set up is just a great way for everyone to buy from the local farmers and businesses. It will be nice not to wake up extremely early every Saturday to get the booth set up, but I will be well rested and ready to roll when the market season starts again September 6. And remember, the Forsyth Park Farmers Market is still going on this summer every Saturday from 9am-1pm!


Submitted By: Nicole Maks

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