A New Hive for Charleston

Charleston Store The Mead Bar at Savannah Bee on King Street!

As many of you have already found out, Savannah Bee’s Charleston location has recently changed! Now on the corner of King and Wentworth, the store is pretty hard to miss. The warm glow of our honey beams through the big windows, our mead bar at the center of our store is flowing with gorgeous glass bottles full of mead, and it is absolutely flowing with visitors eager to learn about honeybees and their wonderful products.

If a beehive were made to accommodate humans, the new store would surely be it.  Because of our new store's location being higher on King Street, there is much more foot traffic these days, which means we get to teach so many more people about the importance of honeybees as a keystone species. Not to mention the amazing health benefits their products provide.  We’ve been in the new location for two months now, and I can personally say it’s been a refreshing change. There’s so much more space to look and move around, and I love the addition of the mead bar. Mead is very similar to wine but it makes use of honey instead of grapes as the fermentable sugar. Our mead is available in a rainbow of colors and a huge variety of flavors. The mead bar is absolutely gorgeous, and it adds a bubbly spirit to our Savannah Bee atmosphere.  Just like the Savannah and St. Simon store locations, it’s a mere five dollars to sample all of the different varieties of mead we have for sale. It's almost impossible to leave without a delicious bottle of mead.

Charleston Store The warm glow of Savannah Bee!

What I loved most about moving into the new store was the level of craft, detail, and care that went into the design and floorplan.  You have to look no further than our gorgeous flooring made from the remnants of a Kentucky bourbon distillery to see the craftsmanship that went into constructing our new Savannah Bee store.  Savannah Bee hired brilliant contractors who also worked with all of our bee educators to help in the building process. It really is a vision complete!  I even got to get my hands in on the project, staining some of the wood on the mead bar and polishing it (with beeswax, of course).

Ted (the founder of Savannah Bee) came in about a month back and personally hung all of the picture frames around the store.  Even while he was up on a ladder drilling his frames into the wall, Ted was talking with customers about his bees.  You see, this is what Savannah Bee really is all about: we may have grown a little, but that doesn’t make us any less focused on teaching people the importance of honeybees.


Submitted By: Rayne Macphee