2021 BEE Your Best You

To Our Hive….

Like so many, we feel refreshed and recharged as we start 2021. Last year was full of so many challenges…so much change. As a hive, we experienced grief and pain as well as triumph and transformation. We recognized the challenges, felt them deeply, learned from them and now, ready to move bee-yond them, together.

We look forward to working together in 2021 to bee our best selves. This involves so many aspects of life that includes loving who we already are, working to nourish our bodies, taking care of our health, staying positive, being mindfully strong, and having the energy to take on all that the year has to offer.

We look forward to sharing educational information on how products from the hive can benefit your body. Bee on the lookout for inspiring, delicious and healthy recipes that you can easily make at home and enjoy that include honeyhoneycombbee pollen and propolis. We also look forward to continuing our great and important work together to save the bees and leaving a positive wake in all that we touch.

We realize that more change is forthcoming. We know that there will additional challenges in 2021. We vow to live in harmony, symbolically like the bees and hope you do as well. Through it all, know that Savannah Bee is here to provide you with natural ways to stay healthy and help you BEE Your Best YOU!