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Black Sage Honey

Black Sage Honey is very unique and rare. It is light in color with a complex but mild taste. Black Sage, Salvia mellifera, is a wild desert sage that grows in the Sierra Nevada mountains. To produce enough blossoms for honeybees to make a crop of Black Sage Honey, this desert plant must get just the right amount of rain at just the right time of year. Many years can pass before black sage plants experience this delicate balance of rainfall and aridness, which is one reason why Black Sage Honey is so special. Black Sage is a very unique, rare honey harvested only four seasons per decade from regions like the Sierra Nevada Mountains. An extraordinarily mild and delicious honey, Savannah Bee's Black Sage provides a subtle herbaceous flavor ideal for savory recipes or by the spoonful.We are so excited to have Black Sage Honey back in stock! This rare and exceptional treat is worth the wait!


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Loved it!

Great honey, worth the cost.




I found this honey several years ago at a little boutique shop in Thomasville, GA. I was hooked! This honey is so very amazing that I am at a loss for words. When I went to buy another bottle I was told that it would be 10 years before it was available again :-( I can't believe that it has been 10 years but maybe so . . .I'm ordering my bottle now!! Thank you SBC!



Exceptional flavor

Had never heard of Black Sage Honey before we found it at Disney Springs. Tasted it and immediately though of several ways to use it for cooking. First dish was sauteed Chicken and Asparagus. Was not disappointed. The flavor is amazing.