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  • Savannah Bee | Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve
  • Savannah Bee | Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve
  • Savannah Bee | Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve
  • Savannah Bee | FREE Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve 3oz
  • Savannah Bee | Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve Sofi Award

Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve

Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve

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  • Product Details

    FREE 3oz Gold Reserve with purchase of 20oz Gold Reserve

    Starting Black Friday you’ll receive a free 3oz Sourwood Gold Reserve when you purchase a 20oz Sourwood Gold Reserve. If you are purchasing our most premium honey as a gift, you now have one more to give as the perfect stocking stuffer! Even better, keep for yourself to enjoy – lucky you! Available for a limited time only.

    Sourwood Honey comes from the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia where sourwood trees are most abundant. Each frame was carefully hand-selected by the beekeeper, producing only 1,000 bottles.

    Its unique flavor is universally appealing, and arguably the best in the world. The name Sourwood Honey certainly contradicts the irresistible flavors, ranging from maple spice to caramel, to gingerbread.

    Every jar is signed and numbered by our founder, Ted, then hand-labeled and hand-dipped in beeswax three times to seal the cork.

    Savannah Bee’s Sourwood Gold Reserve recently won a sofi Silver Award for excellence in Honey at the Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food Show. Read more about why this is such a great honor.

    This honey makes an impressive gift, but you will definitely want to taste this limited-release honey for yourself!

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  • Tasting Notes

    When you are lucky enough to taste the good stuff, you immediately get an orchestra of flavors in your mouth. They range from maple spice, to caramel, to gingerbread. This orchestra of flavor sing together in perfect unison. Good Sourwood truly is honey perfection. 

  • Pairings

    Perfect on anything!
  • Did You Know?

    • Almost all Sourwood honey is produced in the Appalachian Mountains.
    • Although the Sourwood tree blooms outside the South, only southern Sourwood tree blooms actually produce nectar.
    • Good Sourwood honey will hold notes of maple, caramel, and even gingerbread.
    • The beautiful flavor of Sourwood honey fades with time, so it is best to enjoy Sourwood honey as soon after honey harvest as possible.

Customer Reviews

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Nelson & Carol

Sourwood - Nothing better!

Sourwood honey is our absolute favorite and oh so hard to find! When we received the Gold Reserve, the way it is packaged is just amazing and so beautiful. We really don't want to open the bottle but temptation will get the best of us very soon. Don't wait! Get this while you still can!

5 out of 5 Stars


Pure Joy!

I have been lucky enough to sample this Sourwood Reserve in the St. Simons store- it is out of this world fantastic! If you like Sourwood, this is a special find- pure delectable Sourwood in all it's glory!

5 out of 5 Stars


The finest honey I have ever been privileged to enjoy.

The finest honey I have ever been privileged to enjoy. A unique and wonderful taste experience with a character that bests even the Tupelo Gold Reserve.

5 out of 5 Stars

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