Beeswax Citronella Candle

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Sep 1st 2017

Thinking I must have gotten a defective tin. I purchased the large tin and it only burns down the center and leaves about 3/4 inch ring of wax around the outside edge. I have bought other candles from Savannah Bee and they burned completely. In fact, everything else I have purchased from Savannah Bee has been great.



Feb 17th 2016

the best product I've ever bought in US. the candle has so natural smells that I use it every time when I have a meal at my kitchen table. I was very impressed cause of the delivery time (earlier than expected) and the quality of wrapping (it is very important as that is product that needed special conditions). thank you a lot for your work.


World Traveler

Feb 4th 2015

This was a gift, and we have enjoyed it for over a month, lighting it daily - amazing value.



Beeswax Citronella Candle


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Keep those pesky insects at a distance the natural way with Big Dipper Wax Works Citronella Candles. Each all-natural candle is carefully handcrafted with a blend of beeswax, soy wax, and pure essential oils. These candles contain a small percentage of natural soy wax which is necessary for an optimal outdoor burn. Wicks are made of 100% cotton and contain no lead or metal.


  • Tin size is 10.8 ounces and will burn for around 50 hours.
  • Apothecary size is 3.2 ounces and will burn for around 25 hours.
  • Tea lights come in a 6 pack, and each has a burn time of around 5 hours.