Beeswax Bar

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Beeswax Bar


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Beeswax is a wonderful, versatile, natural product that has a multitude of uses and benefits.


Whether you’re a DIY master looking to craft your own soaps, candles, crayons, or beauty care products, or you’re just someone who’s interested in replacing some of the chemical laden products in your home with something all natural and safe (even to eat!), this beeswax bar has something for you. 


Beeswax is great for a variety of personal care and beauty products because it seals in moisture and creates a protective barrier against water, germs, and skin irritants while still allowing skin to breathe. Applications range from delicate skin moisturizers all the way to thick, healing salves and moustache/beard wax. 


Around the home, beeswax works wonderfully as furniture polish. (It is completely safe to eat, so this is perfect for parents of toddlers and fur babies who might be tempted to gnaw on that freshly polished coffee table.)


You can also use beeswax to:


  • Polish and waterproof your shoes
  • Wax thread to use in crafts, or for easier needle-threading
  • Make your cheese last longer by coating it in wax to store. The wax is easy to remove when you’re ready to enjoy your cheese, and can be reused when you’ve had enough cheese (if there is such a thing). 
  • “Grease” your baking pans with beeswax instead of butter or oil and save yourself the calories. Over time, your pans will eventually retain some of that waxiness for a nonstick coating without the worry of toxins leaching into your food. Beeswax can even be used to seal cast iron cookware!