Bee Hive Smoker - Dome Top

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Bee Hive Smoker - Dome Top


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The modern bee smoker has been an essential tool for beekeepers since its invention in 1873.


Having a bee smoker lit and ready to go when handling your beehive is an important safety precaution. Even if your hive is usually docile, accidentally injuring or alarming even a few bees can set off a chain reaction that can quickly escalate into a dangerous situation. 


Bees communicate their distress rapidly by emitting an alarm pheromone. Any bees close enough to sense the alarm pheromone will react in kind, becoming riled and also signaling to surrounding bees until the entire hive is organized against you. A few puffs from your smoker will mask this pheromone and keep your bees calm while you tend to your hive. 


This smoker features a hook for safe storage, and a leather bellows. A heat shield surrounds the smoker to prevent burns.