Bee Grateful Farm Honey Caramels

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Bee Grateful Farm Honey Caramels


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A farmers market favorite, freshly made with local honey, extra creamy caramels are sprinkled with pink salts harvested from an ancient ocean in Utah. These decadent caramels are 100% honey sweetened (no added sugars, syrups or junk) and won’t stick in your teeth. Each bag contains 10 caramels.


Available in three amazing flavors: Salted, Lavender, and Chocolate. 


Salted: Melts away in your mouth with hints of toasted vanilla, sweet cream and golden honey.


Chocolate: Experience the harmonious flavors of rich chocolate and golden honey. Each bite melts in your mouth leaving a smooth and creamy experience of pure honey sweetened caramels. 


Lavender: Infused with locally grown lavender, experience the one-of-a kind caramel with the fragrant notes of lavender and vanilla.