Amazonian Honeycomb

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Amazonian Honeycomb


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Straight from the Amazonian rainforest and harvested by Bolivian beekeepers, this honeycomb boasts unique flavor profiles from the remote native tropical forest flora.


Because this honeycomb is multifloral, it ranges in color from a deep amber to a lighter, golden caramel color. Some are intensely aromatic with a floral and herbaceous flavor, and some have a fruity and citrus flavor. It can be thick and sticky to only slightly viscous. This is just one of the things that make this honeycomb so special; each comb tells the story of the bees' journey into the rainforest, harvesting a unique variety of pollen from the blend of exotic flowering plants it discovered while foraging. 


The trees and flowers in this remote location are free of exposure to pollutants and agricultural contaminants, and the hives are completely free of pesticides and medications. The result is perfectly clean beeswax.