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Tupelo Reserve Named Third in the World

Seems like our Tupelo Gold Reserve is on fire right now. This summer it won a Silver sofi Award at the Fancy Food Show, and in September it took home a bronze medal at the World Beekeeping Awards.That's right, bronze. As in third place. In. The.…
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Schedule a Spa Day With the Bees

Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall? How about a bee in the hive? That sounds like it would be even better, right? Well, get ready! The Bee Garden at our Wilmington Island location in Savannah, GA, now features a Bee Therapy Hut that…
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Honey Caramel Apple Cider Cocktail

Homemade Honey Caramel Apple Cider is a flavorful fall libation that's excellent for holiday entertaining. Whipped Honey with Cinnamon caramelizes for a warm and cozy comfort cocktail, just don't add the vodka too early or the alcohol will cook off!W…
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