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​Giving Back to the Bees and the Community

Honeybees are so much more important than many people realize. They not only produce the honey we use, but they also pollinate a great deal of the food we eat. Honeybees go about their daily lives benefiting everything around them. But for honeybees,…
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It’s a 'Dog-Eat-Honey' World at Savannah Bee

Do you want some HONEY?!” Whenever I send out that call in my apartment, Hefner, my 12-year-old pug/beagle mix, and Charlie, my 10-year-old border collie mix, race from wherever they are to the kitchen, waiting quite impatiently for their turn…
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Spiked Agua Frescas With Savannah Honey

Honey, it's hot outside!  Stay cool with these refreshing Aqua Frescas.  Make it fun with vodka or keep it kid-friendly without.  Simply choose your favorite fruit or fruit combo: we love kiwi with strawberries, peaches and plums, wate…
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