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Honey Holiday Recipe Roundup

Celebrate the holidays with these sweet and savory SBC Honey recipes.  The pinnacle of this menu - our Black Sage Beef Tenderloin - is a guaranteed way to add some holiday magic to your menu.  Add pomegranate seeds and cranberries to e…
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Acacia Honey Beet Salad

Rich red beets, nutty pecans, raw Acacia Honey, and crisp baby spinach are an amazingly fresh salad. The ruby red beets and bright green leaves are a festive, fun, and delicious. Ingredients:Arugula and Baby Spinach (2 cups per person)Beets…
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Black Sage Beef Tenderloin Recipe

Our Black Sage Honey Roasted Beef Tenderloin Recipe is the most tender, delicious dish you could serve this Christmas. This show stopper is quick, easy, and beyond impressive.Ingredients-Start with a quality beef tenderloin appropriate for the size c…
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