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Palmetto Fig Mascarpone Tart

Simple yet impressive, this no-bake Palmetto Honey Mascarpone Tart is a light and creamy dessert with a salty graham cracker crust. Finish your tart with fresh figs, toasted pistachios, and a golden honey drizzle for an elegant addition to any eve…
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How to Deal with Crystallized Honey

Has your honey ever turned to crystals? The granulation process is totally natural! Honey is comprised of two main sugars- glucose and fructose. Glucose heavy varietals crystallize more quickly than honeys with higher levels of fructose. If your h…
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Honey: The 'Golden Elixir' of skin care

In addition to being a versatile sweetener, sore-throat soother, and energy booster, honey is used in beauty products because of its many skin benefits. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used it in ointments to soothe many ailments. Legend has it…
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