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The Most Delicious Bar-Bee-Que Recipe

Made with honey and love, this is The Most Delicious Bar-Bee-Que Recipe you'll Ever Eat. This is not a quick and easy solution to your summer celebration. This is a low and slow labor of love that results in the most tender, bone-sucking, finger-lick…
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Propolis Is Good for the Body, Inside and Out

Propolis is one of the many remarkable but lesser-known products manufactured by honeybees. In addition to nectar and pollen, honeybees also collect plant resins. While nectar and pollen are stored for later consumption, honeybees mix plant resins wi…
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Patriotic Honeycomb Platter

America the bee-utiful!  This board was made for you and me.Show off your skills this Independence Day with this patriotic grazing board. Use a variety of cheeses - Goat, Cow, Sheep, with different textures, layer between fresh fruits and vegeta…
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