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​Meet the Woman Behind the Gold Reserves

Known as Queen of the Honey World, Tupelo is considered the gold-standard of honey, with its smooth, buttery-sweet taste perfect for any use. Once in a while, Savannah Bee Company owner Ted Dennard comes across a Tupelo harvest so ideal it b…
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​Applaud Worker Bees on Labor Day (And Every Day)

A lot of labor goes into maintaining such an elaborate insect society of tens of thousands of citizens -- building, cleaning, foraging, feeding, protecting, and raising young. There are numerous tasks that need to be accomplished efficiently and at p…
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​Giving Back to the Bees and the Community

Honeybees are so much more important than many people realize. They not only produce the honey we use, but they also pollinate a great deal of the food we eat. Honeybees go about their daily lives benefiting everything around them. But for honeybees,…
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