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​My Two Bee Dads

Fatherhood can be complicated. Fatherhood in the beehive can be more complicated.We know that the beehive is a matriarchal society. When it comes to the honeybee, girls rule the world. Drones, the males in the hive, don’t really do a lot, other than…
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Bee Balanced With Rosemary Lavender

Any of these sound familiar? Create work-life balance. Eat a balanced diet. Maintain your hormonal balance. Have a clean balance sheet. Balance your checkbook. (Do people even still have checkbooks?) Manage the balance of power in relationships. The…
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Honeycomb from the Amazon Rainforest

The next time you visit one of our retail stores, you absolutely must sample a very special product that we are honored to be carrying: honeycomb straight from the Amazon Rainforest, produced by Africanized honeybees, and harvested by rural communiti…
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