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Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve

Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve
Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve Plus Cherrywood Dipping Spoon Qty
Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve Flute Qty
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  • Product Details

    Such a fickle bloom. It can grow a number of places but only produces nectar in the upper heights of the Southern Appalachians. Deep stands of sourwood trees display long fingers of white blossoms that bejewel every stem. Those little white bells are the source of love for the honeybees during their furious midsummer fling. The fruits of their courtship, when cared for by the master sourwood maker, should be valued more than gold. When you are lucky enough to taste the best, your taste buds are met with an orchestra of flavors ranging from maple spice to caramel to gingerbread. This unique flavor is universally appealing, and arguably the best in the world. Read more from Ted Dennard - Owner and Head Beekeeper!

    Savannah Bee Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve is absolutely the finest quality Sourwood honey we have seen in over a decade! We received a limited amount of this one-of-a-kind honey from our beekeeper and it will not last long! Order your bottle today and sample the very best of the Appalachian Mountains. 


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  • Tasting Notes

    When you are lucky enough to taste the good stuff, you immediately get an orchestra of flavors in your mouth. They range from maple spice, to caramel, to gingerbread. This orchestra of flavor sing together in perfect unison. Good Sourwood truly is honey perfection. 

  • Did You Know?

    • Almost all Sourwood honey is produced in the Appalachian Mountains.
    • Although the Sourwood tree blooms outside the South, only southern Sourwood tree blooms actually produce nectar.
    • Good Sourwood honey will hold notes of maple, caramel, and even gingerbread.
    • The beautiful flavor of Sourwood honey fades with time, so it is best to enjoy Sourwood honey as soon after honey harvest as possible.

Customer Reviews

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Viera Honey Lovers

If you appreciate honey, you'll love it

My wife and I love honey. We probably have a collection that is larger than we would like to admit. We sampled the honey at the Disney Springs kiosk and fell in love with it. After learning about what made this honey so special, we had to buy a bottle. If you appreciate honey and appreciate the craft and care put into beekeeping, you'll love this honey. If you're used to purchasing store-brand honey, better to pass on this one. We ended up receiving a second bottle as a gift and we're happy we can enjoy it longer.

This honey is best enjoyed straight up. We like to drizzle it over some fresh buffalo mozzarella with a light sprinkle of Maldon salt

5 out of 5 Stars


Sourwood reserve ... your kidding

I have eaten honey for more years then I would like to admit and after tasting this honey that was purchased by a friend I have to say "really" $112.00 ........ not that good.

1 out of 5 Stars

Virginia Webb

Sourwood Honey - BEST IN THE WORLD

One of the Southern Appalachians best secrets has been Sourwood Honey. This honey is extremely aromatic with a rich honey flavor. Sourwood Honey has received more international awards than any other honey in the world, including 4 Gold Medals at 4 World Honey Shows, Best Tasting Honey in the World, sponsored by the Center for Honey Bee Research in Asheville, NC and America's Good Food Award. For the honey connoisseur, no other honey can match the taste and quality of Sourwood Honey.

5 out of 5 Stars

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