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  • Gold Reserve Tupelo Honey
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  • Gold Reserve Wax Seal
  • hand signed labels
  • smoking wax

Tupelo Honey Gold Reserve

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    This limited edition, special release Tupelo honey was harvested with pristine environmental conditions, honeybee health and nectar flow. The 1936 Letter Press label is hand-printed, numbered, and signed by our favorite beekeeper, Ted! The top seal is pure Tupelo beeswax from the same batch, packaged in a Canadian Birch box with a hand-crafted Cherrywood spoon capable of reaching to the very bottom of your bottle so you can enjoy every drop.

    Our Gold Reserve Tupelo Honey is the finest honey that we have ever produced! Supplies of this incredible honey are extremely limited so please do not wait to order. We may never see a honey this fine again!

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Customer Reviews

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...and I thought the regular Tupelo was fab!

Gold Reserve does. not. disappoint. I am no honey connoisseur, but I think honey's yummy and ever since discovering SavBee I keep a varied stock (no more mess with honey pumps!). I placed several orders putting the Gold in my cart and then removing it because I just couldn't spend that on honey. My curiosity and instinct finally overrode and I got my bottle of Gold this evening. Ohmygoodnessgracious! It is amazing. This is as close to eating the smell of the sweetest flower as I imagine is possible. If I down this bottle while there's still a supply in stock, I will not hesitate to re-order. What a total treat...amazing. honey.

5 out of 5 Stars


I was skeptical but OMG!

Truly intense, wonderful flavor that is too good to do anything with except eat on biscuits (or off the spoon)!

5 out of 5 Stars


Wow. Just wow.

I have to admit how nervous I was at spending that much on a bottle of honey. Now I'm nervous that your supply will be gone before I can order another one. I actually find it difficult to put into exact words what a fine experience this bottle is. Before I go any further, I absolutely must stop and say THANK YOU for sharing this! I'm sitting here with seventeen different (monofloral) varieties of honey on my desk (so I can taste them whenever I like), and roughly half of them live up to the descriptions that were given of them, but your special batch of Tupelo is every bit as fantastic as you claim. What an absolute gift from God to have something so sinfully delicious actually be good for us! For those of you who love to taste of the finer things of life, don't you dare let this one pass you by.

5 out of 5 Stars

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  • Region

    Altamaha River Basin, Southeastern Georgia
  • Pairings

    This honey is so fine that it is best eaten alone. However, it will enhance anything you pour it over!
  • Did You Know?

    Only two states in the U.S. produce pure Tupelo honey - Georgia and Floridia.

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