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  • Gold Reserve Tupelo Honey
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  • Gold Reserve Wax Seal
  • hand signed labels
  • smoking wax

Tupelo Honey Gold Reserve

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  • Product Details

    This limited edition, special release Tupelo honey was harvested with pristine environmental conditions, honeybee health and nectar flow. The 1936 Letter Press label is hand-printed, numbered, and signed by our favorite beekeeper, Ted! The top seal is pure Tupelo beeswax from the same batch, packaged in a Canadian Birch box with a hand-crafted Cherrywood spoon capable of reaching to the very bottom of your bottle so you can enjoy every drop.

    Our Gold Reserve Tupelo Honey is the finest honey that we have ever produced! Supplies of this incredible honey are extremely limited so please do not wait to order. We may never see a honey this fine again!

    Are you interested in learning more about Gold Reserve Tupelo Honey? Click Here

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Fabulous, and makes an extra special gift

The more I explore various types of honey, the clearer it becomes that honey is like wine or fine tea. Each honey has its own subtle flavors. Tupelo honey from one grove may taste quite different from tupelo honey from another. This honey has a wonderful, delicate floral flavor all its own. Lately, instead of taking a gift of wine to dinner parties, I take a tall bottle of Tupelo Gold Reserve. Everyone loves it including my family and me.

5 out of 5 Stars


Surpassed my expectations.

When I ordered the Tupelo Honey Gold Reserve I was honestly skeptical that it would be either better than regular tupelo honey or be worth the price. I was wrong! It exceeded my expectations -- the taste is refined, delicate, and dare I say sensual. I will definitely order more in the future and highly recommend to anyone considering this purchase. Thank you.

5 out of 5 Stars



This is worth every penny. Treat your family to this reserve. There are smiles all around the table!!

5 out of 5 Stars

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  • Region

    Altamaha River Basin, Southeastern Georgia
  • Pairings

    This honey is so fine that it is best eaten alone. However, it will enhance anything you pour it over!
  • Did You Know?

    Only two states in the U.S. produce pure Tupelo honey - Georgia and Floridia.

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