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  • Southern Selection Honey Flute Gift Set

Southern Selections Honey Flute Gift Set

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    The Savannah Bee Southern Selections Honey Flute Gift Set is the Queen Bee of all honey gifts! This amazingly delicious package includes four 20 oz. flute style jars of Savannah Bee Specialty Honey: Tupelo, Orange Blossom, Acacia, and Wildflower. If you want to be known as the "bee's knees," then this is the gift to give! A gift of honey is a gift of love.

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Honey in the Morning

The Best

I received the four "flute" set as a Christmas present. Not only was it a thoughtful and beautifully presented gift ... it was the best honey I every tasted. I use honey on my oatmeal every morning and am on line now to replenish my supply.

5 out of 5 Stars

Judith Snow

The best stuff on Earth!

I love honey. My son loves honey. I fell in love with raw honey after it cured my eyes of light sensitivity... it took about 5 years but, my myopia is now in rapid reversal, something my ophthalmologist has never seen in his entire career...My son inherited my genes and suffers from the same... he doesn't know why is no longer squinting in the sun, in fact, he isn't aware of anything at all... all he knows is that since 2015 rolled in...once a day, mommy gives him a teaspoon of honey... that's all he needs to know right now! This is a treat for me, I usually buy the grocery store brand honey's... which are all great, but not "fine" like this honey. My favorite is Tupelo... For all who are hesitant, I just want them to know that it is worth every penny, especially the Tupelo! My next favorite is Acacia... now that is just gorgeous straight or in a light tea like chamomile ... I am very thankful for Savannah Bee. They are doing God's work.

5 out of 5 Stars

Bear's Mom

Love this stuff

Great honey! We were never big honey eaters/users until my husband was diagnosed as diabetic. His doctor suggested honey instead of sugar (and definitely no artificial sweeteners), on our next trip to Tybee we happened by Savannah Bee and went in for a try. After taste testing (and loving) all of them we purchased a gift set. 6 years and many bottles of honey later, we're still hooked.

5 out of 5 Stars

3 Item(s)

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