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Lowcountry Gift Set

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    There is no place on Earth quite like the Southeastern coastal region of north Georgia and southern South Carolina. Here you will find the sister cities of Savannah and Charleston, both internationally recognized for their natural beauty, rich early American history, hospitality, and culinary delights. The Sabal Palm is certainly a classic symbol of the southern Lowcountry. Our Southeastern Lowcountry Honey Gift Set brings you beautiful and complex honey representing the outstanding floral community of these two fabulous cities and the beautiful expanses of marsh, islands' and Palmetto forest.

    Surprisingly, these three honey varieties display very different flavor qualities, texture, and colors. Now you can make the call for yourself! Which glorious flavor of the Lowcountry do you love more, Charleston, Savannah or Palmetto honey?

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Awesome selection of the best of the best honeys. All delicious! I am hooked on Savannah Bee products; from using it for cooking, beauty products, to cough control. Just got over a bad chest cold. My niece suggested honey for my bad cough. I had just received my new Bee order, so I tried a tablespoon. I can say absolutely that I will never buy commercial cough remedies again. The Honey worked every bit as well, if not better, and is mush healthier. The benefits of Savannah Bee honey are endless, and the taste is just pure bliss.

5 out of 5 Stars

SAV 4 sure!

Wonderful Honey & Fast Shipping

Since moving to Savannah and then moving away a few years later, I have bought the local honey in my home state of Michigan, which is just fine. But, I was so happy to learn that I could have a little piece of my old home of Savannah, GA via my favorite honey! It came beautifully packaged and shipped so quickly! Always quality honey! Thank you for giving me the option to hold on to a little piece of Savannah and Charleston. =)

5 out of 5 Stars


This is a great gift set

These are both great products. Have made many things with them.

5 out of 5 Stars

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  • Natural Notes

    • Savannah Bee honey is 100% pure raw honey.
    • All three honey varieties included in this gift set are harvested in GA or SC by small business beekeepers.
    • Made and packaged in USA.
    • Palmetto honey is incredibly rich in antioxidants.
    • Savannah honey is a wildflower variety produced right here in Savannah.
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