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  • Crate and Pump for 80oz. Honey

Crate and Pump for 80oz. Honey

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    Finally, there's an easy way to dispense nature's gold, ideal for any honey lover! Savannah Bee Company's exclusive No-Drip Honey Pump is adjustable to release just the right amount every time, at any temperature. The attractive hand-made wooden box houses an 80 oz. container of Savannah Bee honey. It is countertop convenience, with a branded Savannah Bee logo and great honey-related quotes. Choose one of our signature Tupelo, Acacia, Sourwood, Orange Blossom, or Wildflower  80oz. honeys (shown in the image) which are NOT included in this item.


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Newbee M

Handy, but not user friendly at first.

When you first introduce the pump into a freshly opened 80oz plastic bottle of honey, the honey displaces up and out and tends to plug the air holes of the pump. The result is a non-functioning pump! It took me awhile to figure it all out. Emptying some of the honey into another utensil and rinsing honey out of the plugged pump and waiting for the pump to fill with honey (the next morning) I had a wonderfully functioning pump. Well why not include simple instructions with the pump that would lead other uninitiated new bees (pun intended) like myself to a straightforward introduction to the pump and how to set it up! I would've appreciated that (some instructions) very much.

In the end, the pump works quite well and the honey is divine...

3 out of 5 Stars

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