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You know and love Savannah Bee’s pure and raw honeys and honeybee inspired body care products, but did you know we also supply gift sets for corporate gift and weddings? Packaged and handled with care, our gift sets range in price from $10 to $100. Gift sets can be purchased in bulk quantities or individually. It’s never been easier to find the perfect gift for every occasion! If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, we will bee happy to customize something special for your event!

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  • The International Flute Gift Set

  • The International Tower Gift Set

  • The Tea Lover's Gift Set

  • The Everyday Honey Gift Set

  • The Savannah Bee Spa Gift Set

  • The Whipped Honey 3 oz. Gift Set

  • Savannah Bee Honey Flute Classic

  • Savannah Bee Honey and Beeswax Lip Balm Gift Pouch

  • Honey Hand Soap and Beeswax Lotion Gift Pouch

  • Savannah Bee Honey Straw Bundle - 50 ct.

  • Savannah Bee Honey Tower Gift Set

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  • I've traveled pretty much everywhere around this wonderful world and found the best honey to be right here in my own country. Tupelo is the best.. I serve it with everything. And put it on everything. Slowly getting everyone in my family and most of my friends hooked on it. Thank you for making what I describe as a taste of heaven.

  • Got some from a co-worker and this honey reminds me of how honey tasted when I was a kid. Very good!!

  • Love Savannah bee honey . Tupelo is my favorite , however , orange blossom is also spectacular. My husband and I travel an hour to purchase this honey . Well worth the trip . Yummy for my tummy!

  • This is my favorite hand soap of all time, as many friends now know! I give it as gifts, and receive it as well, since all my friends know I love it! Delightful natural fragrance and it leave my hands soft and moisturized.

  • I wash my hands all the time for work and have dry skin that cracks really between my fingers and on the back of hands. No lotion I have tried, no matter how good it was could touch my dry skin. Not until this Beeswax Hand Cream that is. In one week of applying it at night before I went to bed, my dry skin was gone. Even though toughest spots that were chronic feel soft again. My hands are soft again! Thank you Savannahbee!!!

  • This lip balm is my absolute favorite, and I'm a self-professed lip balm snob! Perfect consistency on my lips and is very moisturizing and smells yummy!

  • I stopped in at Savannah Bee on a tour and bought one Natural Beeswax Lip Balm back in 2009 and I discovered the most amazing Lip Balm Ever, I found their website and have been ordering this and only this lip balm since. All of the flavors are Great and Fun and long lasting. I can not really pick a favorite but the Mint Julep is at the top. Thank you, Savannah Bee, for this fantastic product.

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