Easy and Delicious Lip Treatment

This natural  lip treatment leaves lips soft, supple, and inviting.

¼ teaspoon of Savannah Bee Company Tea honey

¼ teaspoon of sugar

1 Savannah Bee Company Beeswax Lip Balm of choice

Warm water

Optional: Savannah Bee Company Beeswax Lip Tint

Mix ¼ teaspoon of sugar with ¼ teaspoon of honey. Apply mixture to lips in circular motion for 45 seconds. Let sit for as long as you like. Rinse (or lick!) lips to remove. Immediately follow with Savannah Bee Company Beeswax Lip Balm. If color is desired, apply Savannah Bee Company Beeswax Lip Tint after balm.

Did you know? Mint Julep lip balm will refresh, stimulate, and invigorate. Earl Grey’s lip balm includes the essential oil Bergamot, which helps to alleviate stress. Tupelo Honey lip balm subtle and softening.

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  1. Yumi says:

    This sounds like a great recipe! Can’t wait to try it out. I used to use a sugar scrub and it made my lips so soft.

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